Supporting Growth Stage Businesses Accross Sub-Sharan Africa

The Caban Virtual Incubator Programme is now inviting applicants for our Q3 2024 cohort, offering the

opportunity for 10 start-ups to be incubated and scaled through the investment of R200 000 worth of 

services from Caban and an additional R200 000 from external investors that will be procured by us.

Network and Support.

It can be challenging to start and grow a business on your own. Even as a small team you will find that there are important elements of the business where you need support from those who have been on on a similar journey. We have mentors and investors from a wide range of business sectors in our network to provide support and investment when needed.

What are we going to help you do?

  • Invest up to R200 000 worth of services into your business and procure an additional R200 000 from an investor to accelerate your growth

  • Clarify and develop your business model and growth strategy

  • Optimise your product or service offering to ensure customers will buy
  • Investment pitch deck development support based on investors feedback

  • Connect directly to investors with a personal introduction

  • Utilise data and analytics processes to pin-point key target markets and the tactics to reach them

  • Access talent inside top universities

  • Support you in accessing new funding, and grant support programmes 

  • Look at your business from an external perspective and avoid pitfalls which you may not be able to see

  • Gain an immediate, extensive business network

How will we do that?

For the person:

    • Individual life and business mentorship
    • Regular 1:1 progress meetings and mentoring
    • Time to discuss ideas, strategy and analyse plans
    • Coaching in a supportive online group meeting
    • WhatsApp group for instant support
    • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs 
    • Pitch deck coaching

For the business:

    • Investor network – angels, VC funds, family wealth offices
    • Setting up of accounting and reporting processes
    • Website creation and SEO Optimisation
    • Social Media and marketing
    • Support and introductions to take your product to market
    • Support with sales and revenue generation  
    • Network of experts and specialists
    • Online meet-ups and events
    • Email bulletins – carefully curated content telling you about new funding that’s coming online, grants, support programmes
    • Free access to talent from top South African universities – paid student intern programmes
    • Amazon Web Server and Google Cloud credits
    • Discounts on insurance, business cards, merchandise printing, legal help and plenty more!
image asset 2 Caban Virtual Incubator

Who’s it for?

    • Founders of growth stage businesses looking for investment, access to networks, advice and support for their businesses
    • Startup founders – new companies looking for investment ready to scale
    • Founders on accelerator programmes looking for additional tailored mentoring, introductions to experts, a new ecosystem of investors
    • Founders wanting an instant and extensive network of other startups and entrepreneurs
plan your business Caban Virtual Incubator


  • Looking ahead - what’s your motivation for starting a business?
  • Evaluating the idea - is it likely to make money?
  • Choosing the right business structure - Limited Company? Partnership? CIC?
  • Registering the company, getting the right insurance
  • Setting up the accounting and payment systems
  • Planning and implementing your IT systems
  • Setting up the right social media channels
  • Getting the business planning underway
  • Getting to your Minimum Viable Product
  • Selling to your first customers
  • Iterating and improving your product
  • An instant network of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Wide range of mentors to support you
  • Training and workshops on key topics
  • VAT and tax planning

start your business Caban Virtual Incubator


  • Establish your team
  • Recruitment, job descriptions and contracts
  • Cost-effective ways to scale the company
  • Introductions to collaborators and partners
  • Applying for grants
  • Introductions to prototyping and manufacturing plants
  • Innovating and ideating - what’s your next product?
  • Meeting space for your business
  • A supportive network of like-minded business founders
  • Specialist mentors to support you
  • Marketing training, PR, strategy, accounting, IP Law

grow your business Caban Virtual Incubator


  • What do investors want to see?
  • Creating and presenting an effective pitch deck
  • Are you pitching for the right amount?
  • Valuing your business
  • Introductions to investors, both UK and international
  • A professional business environment
  • A professional office to meet investors in
  • Presentation suits for pitching
  • Recruiting the right team
  • Expanding overseas
  • Access to world-class talent from South African universities

*R500.00 once-off non-refundable application fee (per business). Bank details can be found here

How to apply


    1. Complete the short form below
    2. We call you for a conversation and decide how we can help
    3. If we can make a real difference to you and your business, we’ll offer you a place in the Caban Virtual Incubator
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handshake Caban Virtual Incubator
Matthew Musgrove

Matthew Musgrove

Matthew is an entrepreneur and business Advisor with a passion for change management and social empowerment. With a background in business accounting and advisory, as well clinical research project management, he strives to find strategic and sustainable solutions to business problems.



Mark Van Hoff comes from background of technical & production planning, budgeting & scheduling of major live events. As the first production co-ordinator at M-NET for Outside Broadcasts, Mark has managed major local and international productions including Miss South Africa, Miss World, multiple music events and major sports events, including the PnP Cycling Tour.Mark co-founded Van-Man Productions in 1994, Page to Picture in 2000 and Move Media Networks in 2007. All three companies have achieved domestic success and have been well-regarded in the South African production industry.



Oluwaseun Adewuyi who is the Group Chief Finance Officer (CFO) at Caban, is a Certified Chartered Accountant, with Fellowship status at both the ACCA as well as the Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, a UK Based industry body with a specific focus on the management of charities, not-for-profit organisations and NGOs.. Oluwaseun comes with strong business acumen and 20+ years of progressive experience in finance and operations management within well-reputed and high growth organisations Including Next Plc and Royal Mail. He has been heavily involved in impact investment across Sub-Saharan Africa and has been instrumental in the creation of a series of community schools in West Africa. Throughout his career, he oversaw a broad range of operations, including Business Strategy and Business Reorganisation, summarising the organisation’s financial status, and coordinating the preparation of tactical plans, financial forecasts, and budgets. Adept at developing and implementing effective internal control framework to maintain sound financial accountability.

tim scholtz


Tim Scholtz, who's is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Caban Investments, is experienced in implementing corporate governance guidelines, formulating risk management structures, process and cost optimization. Tim has a strong corporate background, having worked as COO at the South African Tourism board, was COO at the Nelson Mandela foundation and as a internal audit manager at Arthur Anderson earlier in his career.

Ben Botes


Ben Botes is Entrepreneur, VC, co-Founder, Author and Academic with a strong social conscience. Ben Involved with early stage and growth firms for the past 20 years and has been Co-founder of 9 separate businesses across Africa. Ben has directly and indirectly been involved in impact investment and the support of charities and non profits for the last 30 years. Ben is a regular speaker at the African Investment Conference in London and has been featured in Wall Street for Europe, The Guardian Small Business, BBC, the Mail and Guardian in the UK and BizCommunity, Channel 3 TV, Investors Weekly, The Cape Times, Radio 702 with John Robbie and Good Hope FM in South Africa

Dave Romero


Dave Romero is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur with a passion for making an impact. A qualified Professional Accountant, Dave has been a director in multiple financial institutions and was once the youngest Chairman on the JSE, in addition to being listed as one of Business Times’ Top 100 companies and the 40th fastest-growing company in South Africa. Dave is a core founder of the Caban Group, which aims to provide a comprehensive service offering to small businesses in return for equity. With a passion for nurturing entrepreneurs, Dave can often be found outside of the boardroom – offering advice, creating innovative funding solutions and building communities through sustainable practices.



Dr Ruben Richards is a truly inspirational South African leader. Through his peace-building seminars for criminal gangs, Dr Ruben has facilitated the longest ceasefire in the history of gang warfare on the Cape Flats. In addition to being Chairman & Founder of the non-profit Ruben Richards Foundation, Dr Ruben is an ordained cleric, company director, non-executive Chairman of Visual International Limited and was once the Deputy Director-General of the now-disbanded Scorpions.