Private Equity Services in South Africa

With an experienced executive team delivering private equity services in South Africa, Caban Investments has almost a century of combined experience in scaling profitable, sustainable, high-growth businesses. private equity services in south africa

Unlike other traditional investment firms, we focus on generating social capital in addition to sustainable financial returns.

As a entrepreneurs ourselves, we care about the quality of corporate finance services provide to other entrepreurs. We understand your business needs and its requirement to have access to the right forms of investment during different stages of it growth cycle. You need to find the right investors and trading partners in order to make the most of the opportunities and challenges you and your business face. Private equity should always be one of the options. Whether this is your first time requiring Private Equity services in South Africa or you have been throught the process before, we understand that it can be a transformative and very rewarding experience. However, if you do it wrong, it can be very difficultand stressful.

Our experience have taught us that there are a few key steps you can take to put yourself in a strong position to achieve your funding goals. 

A track record of success in delivering private equity services in South Africa

Firstly, you need to define what success means for you and your business. Private equity investors have a simple definition of success; they oftenaim to double the value of their investment in 3 years or triple it in 5 years. How you and any other stakeholder define success might be straight forward to you. You might be assigning a Rand value to the growth or valuation of your business. The reality is that it’s often more complex than that. What do you want your business to look like? What are your driving ambitions; Is inheritance important or is money the mainmotivator? What would be your future role? What will happen to other people working for the company?

Once you are clear on what the end result should look like for your business, you and your team will find it easier to navigate through the multitudeof private equity and investor funds. It is important that you find the right partner whose goals, expertise and culture match your ambitions and the way you see your business in the future.

The next stage of the process will be preparation. This stage will be key to finding the correct funding partners. Preparing your business to beinvestment ready. You will need to prepare for significant changes in your financial reporting in order to keep your investors happy. We will support you in the preparing the high quality due diligence and feasibility documentation that is needed.

Our clients and their businesses  are our core focus. We take the time to understand the people and the numbers behind the business. Our pragmatic approach allows our clients to receive advice and information in order to take action. It is important that you consider your long-term success as well as the challenges of today. This is another area where our years of experience will aid you in considering all the angles.

5 benefits of out private equity services in South Africa

  1. Tailored Growth Support: Our private equity services in South Africa specialize in Venture Capital, offering targeted support to growth-stage businesses. Benefit from a customized approach that aligns with your specific business needs, providing the crucial capital injection required for expansion and success.

  2. Strategic Investment: Our expertise goes beyond financial backing. We strategically invest in businesses, offering not just capital, but valuable industry insights and networks. Leverage our experience to propel your growth stage business to new heights and navigate challenges effectively.

  3. Accelerated Innovation: By focusing on Venture Capital, our private equity services actively contribute to fostering innovation. Benefit from our commitment to identifying and supporting cutting-edge technologies and novel business models, ensuring your company stays at the forefront of industry advancements.

  4. Risk Mitigation: We understand the unique risks associated with growth-stage ventures. Our Venture Capital approach is designed to mitigate these risks, providing a stable foundation for your business to thrive. Partner with us to navigate uncertainties and capitalize on opportunities in the dynamic South African market.

  5. Access to Extensive Networks: Beyond capital, our private equity services offer unparalleled access to a vast network of industry professionals, mentors, and partners. Tap into these connections to expand your business reach, access new markets, and foster collaborations that drive sustained growth in the competitive South African business landscape.

Thorough our combined teams in the UK and South Africa, we have a long track record in working with private equity backed business. Delivering business funding in South Africa lie at the heart of what we do. This means that we understand the unique pressures and challenges facing portfolio companies and their management teams. Each of us knows how and when to leverage this shared experience and knowledge to deliver the best results to our private equity-supported clients.

Our knowledge and experience gained over many years across a wide range of sectors enables us to help our clients succeed.

We support “seed”, “early” and “growth”-stage business with the intention of keeping a Triple Bottom Line approach: positively impacting not only the economy but also the society and the environment the business operates in.

Simply put: “We are entrepreneurs, helping other entrepreneurs.”

Matthew Musgrove

Matthew Musgrove

Matthew is an entrepreneur and business Advisor with a passion for change management and social empowerment. With a background in business accounting and advisory, as well clinical research project management, he strives to find strategic and sustainable solutions to business problems.



Mark Van Hoff comes from background of technical & production planning, budgeting & scheduling of major live events. As the first production co-ordinator at M-NET for Outside Broadcasts, Mark has managed major local and international productions including Miss South Africa, Miss World, multiple music events and major sports events, including the PnP Cycling Tour.Mark co-founded Van-Man Productions in 1994, Page to Picture in 2000 and Move Media Networks in 2007. All three companies have achieved domestic success and have been well-regarded in the South African production industry.



Oluwaseun Adewuyi who is the Group Chief Finance Officer (CFO) at Caban, is a Certified Chartered Accountant, with Fellowship status at both the ACCA as well as the Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, a UK Based industry body with a specific focus on the management of charities, not-for-profit organisations and NGOs.. Oluwaseun comes with strong business acumen and 20+ years of progressive experience in finance and operations management within well-reputed and high growth organisations Including Next Plc and Royal Mail. He has been heavily involved in impact investment across Sub-Saharan Africa and has been instrumental in the creation of a series of community schools in West Africa. Throughout his career, he oversaw a broad range of operations, including Business Strategy and Business Reorganisation, summarising the organisation’s financial status, and coordinating the preparation of tactical plans, financial forecasts, and budgets. Adept at developing and implementing effective internal control framework to maintain sound financial accountability.

tim scholtz


Tim Scholtz, who's is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Caban Investments, is experienced in implementing corporate governance guidelines, formulating risk management structures, process and cost optimization. Tim has a strong corporate background, having worked as COO at the South African Tourism board, was COO at the Nelson Mandela foundation and as a internal audit manager at Arthur Anderson earlier in his career.

Ben Botes


Ben Botes is Entrepreneur, VC, co-Founder, Author and Academic with a strong social conscience. Ben Involved with early stage and growth firms for the past 20 years and has been Co-founder of 9 separate businesses across Africa. Ben has directly and indirectly been involved in impact investment and the support of charities and non profits for the last 30 years. Ben is a regular speaker at the African Investment Conference in London and has been featured in Wall Street for Europe, The Guardian Small Business, BBC, the Mail and Guardian in the UK and BizCommunity, Channel 3 TV, Investors Weekly, The Cape Times, Radio 702 with John Robbie and Good Hope FM in South Africa

Dave Romero


Dave Romero is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur with a passion for making an impact. A qualified Professional Accountant, Dave has been a director in multiple financial institutions and was once the youngest Chairman on the JSE, in addition to being listed as one of Business Times’ Top 100 companies and the 40th fastest-growing company in South Africa. Dave is a core founder of the Caban Group, which aims to provide a comprehensive service offering to small businesses in return for equity. With a passion for nurturing entrepreneurs, Dave can often be found outside of the boardroom – offering advice, creating innovative funding solutions and building communities through sustainable practices.



Dr Ruben Richards is a truly inspirational South African leader. Through his peace-building seminars for criminal gangs, Dr Ruben has facilitated the longest ceasefire in the history of gang warfare on the Cape Flats. In addition to being Chairman & Founder of the non-profit Ruben Richards Foundation, Dr Ruben is an ordained cleric, company director, non-executive Chairman of Visual International Limited and was once the Deputy Director-General of the now-disbanded Scorpions.